CHATA ID – Professional interior design and decoration services, form design to reality. We work according to a motto that a well designed house should be a reflection of the owners’ personality.

Our job is to harmoniously combine all elements of an interior according to functional factors, to create a perfect living space with its unique ID and beauty.

The effects of cooperation with CHATA ID:

  • beauty – harmonious interiors corresponding with each other and with the surroundings
  • functionality – everyday comfort, ID of the interiors ideally suited to the owners’ personalities
  • timelessness – beautiful and functional interiors regardless of fashion and time

CHATA ID – scope of operation:

  • conceptual design – 3D visualizations
  • technical design and specification of materials with quotation
  • logistics involved in building and decoration phase, managing building and decoration teams and purchasing to turn the design into reality
  • 24 months guarantee for building, decoration and carpentry services
  • home staging – preparing houses and apartments for profitable sale

Head designer and owner of CHATA ID Ewa Karoń makes sure the designs always reflect clients personalities and needs and are always prepared according to highest standards and time schedule.

“.. a good interior design is not a show of originality and ideas but a skillful and harmonious combination of elements closest to clients style, making up functional, beautiful and coherent living space..”

“an interior designer needs to have a good ability to listen to their clients and prepare the designs for the clients not for themselves..”

Ewa Karoń